Hydranoid Group is dedicated to building up fan communities, whether it be contributing to existing communities, or creating a community for fans to discuss their favorite topics. Hydranoid Group’s first project started in 2009, with The Bakugan Wiki. We have grown to support over seventy thousand users through our number of projects throughout the internet.



Fire Emblem: Heroes Community

The Fire Emblem: Heroes Community is a two-year endeavor of providing constant updates of events that occur in-game. The community was created back in 2017 as Nintendo never provided an official English platform that users could follow for updates in-game. Since then we have had the opportunity to work alongside some of the voice actors in-game as part of a promotional campaign while constantly providing updates to over 41,000+ followers.


Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Community

The Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Community is our second largest project with over 33,000+ followers, which is the largest fan community for Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp. While it’s only our second largest project, it is our only project that has a predominant female user base.

Bakugan Subreddit

The Bakugan Subreddit is partnered with Hydranoid Group to provide better trades and sales experience through our upcoming project “Qubix”. The Bakugan Subreddit has accumulated over one-thousand users over the course of one year and is growing at a rapid rate.

The Bakugan Wiki

The Bakugan Wiki is a ten-year effort of documenting and recording the history of the Bakugan: Battle Brawler, BakuTech, and Battle Planet series.
As of 2018, The Bakugan Wiki has separated it itself from Fandom and has established its own independent site.

Bakugan Wiki Podcast

The Bakugan Wiki Podcast

The Bakugan Wiki Podcast is a semi-weekly podcast to update listeners on all things Bakugan. We also discuss the original Bakugan series, and community topics.


Qubix is an online TCG Trading and Selling community. We ensure a quality experience due to our strict, yet easy to follow rules so that anyone can sell or trade online.


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